Embedded Fintech for Digital Banking

Finotta embeds personalization technology into digital banking channels to increase engagement, provide personalized financial guidance, and create new streams of revenue

Personalized Financial Guidance to drive your most important KPIs

Our technology adds a layer on top of your current mobile banking application to create a personalized digital banking experience that delights your customers, predicts their needs, collects data, and delivers actionable analytics in an all-in-one solution. 


Personalized Financial Guidance

Delight First, Deliver Second

It’s time for the new wave of digital banking: personalized financial guidance (PFG).  Serve your customers with guidance instead of insights and keep them engaged regardless of what financial journey they might be on, all while generating revenue for the first time within your mobile application.


Banking Intelligence 2.0

Aggregate, Analyze, Compete

Collect data and seize the opportunity to solve their needs first. Gain a valuable share of wallet metrics to understand how you're doing versus the competition, and how to win back customers who might have one foot out of the door.

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Customer-First Technology

Bottom-up, not top-down

Empowering both you and your customer to make faster decisions leading to greater loyalty, increased share of wallet, and customer acquisition in ways that others simply can't.

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Our Podcast!

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