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Mobile Banking Personalization

Finotta is an API-based solution that helps banks & credit unions personalize their mobile banking experience to increase engagement, combat large financial institutions, and create new streams of revenue

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You need a high touch, personalized user experience

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and odds are your FI's digital banking looks and operates just like everyone else. Without something unique to keep their attention, your customers will continue thinking you've fallen behind the times and take their business elsewhere.

Finotta creates branded, personalized user experiences in your mobile channel to drive your most important KPI - Revenue

Our technology uses core agnostic APIs to delight your customers, collect data, and deliver actionable analytics in an all in one solution. 

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Delight First, Collect Second

There is only one key to gain highly enriched data - customer engagement. If customers do not interact with your product properly, nothing else matters. That's why we built our Personalization APIs to delight your customers, earn their trust, and turn your user experience from a dull order taker to an engaging financial journey.



Aggregate, Analyze, Compete

Everyday, customers are saturated with product opportunities. Collect data and seize the opportunity to solve their needs first. Gain valuable share of wallet metrics to understand how you're doing versus the competition, and how to win back customers who might have one foot out of the door.

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Deliver the right product at the right time.

Data is nothing without action. That's why our APIs are built with Smart Nudges. These recommendations help both you and your customer make swift decisions leading to greater loyalty, increased share of wallet, and customer acquisition in the moments that matter most.

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Engage → Gather → Act → WIN

Finotta helps you engage with your customer the right way, gather the most important data to win their business for life, and gives you the game plan to convert those opportunities. The results are increases in engagement, share of wallet, and customer lifetime value.

Give your mobile banking a personality

We've created the most powerful customer engagement software on the planet. Let's talk.