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Personified Platform

Making your physical branch


Unlocking the power of your digital platform to generate revenue and increase the financial health of your customer.

Unlock Insights, Drive Results


Finotta uses Personalized Financial Guidance to drive digital growth for financial institutions.

We embed our products and features into your digital banking channel to create a personalized experience that predicts your customer's needs, increases product conversions, and delivers actionable guidance in an all-in-one solution.

Increase Revenue

Interest-bearing income generation in your digital channel through predictive product recommendations, cross-selling, upselling, and reselling.

Decrease Marketing Costs

Identify opportunities for savings account referrals and reduce marketing acquisition costs by up to 86%.


Share of Wallet

Immediately capture all of your customer's external financial data so they have the most personalized mobile banking experience possible.


Customer Financial Wellness

Automatically gamify, educate, and encourage your customer to improve their entire financial health all within your digital banking channel.

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Our bankers and their customers love us

“Customers want help and Personified allows us to deepen our relationship with them. We are thrilled with the partnership and are excited for the opportunities it presents.”
Renee Newman, Executive Vice President,
Chief Experience Officer
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