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Journey Guide

Understand the financial journey your customers are on so you can help them make better financial decisions with personalized guidance at exactly the right moment.

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Quick Metrics

12% User Engagement Rate

directly in your digital channel.

20X  savings account increase

compared to an average physical banking branch per month.

83% decrease in marketing aquisition costs

by identifying cross-selling opportunities. 

Financial Health

Identify and Improve Financial Health

Everyone's financial health is different and needs a unique experience to improve. Our Financial Health Leveling system gamifies your customer's ability to improve their entire financial picture all within your digital banking channel.


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Gamification is a game-changer when it comes to enticing customers to engage in your mobile application. With one integration, your customers will have more reasons to share data with you, creating opportunities to serve them in ways you previously could not.

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Financial Journey Guide Features & Benefits

Financial Journeys

Why is financial journey building so important?

Financial journeys are the key to customers for life.

Serve your customers, provide the most relevant products and services to fit their needs, and adapt to changes instantaneously as they grow, regardless of what financial journey they may be on today.

To access the most enriched customer data, you need to have a digital experience that brings immediate value, engages the customer beyond normal banking expectations, and speaks to their unique financial journey. Journey building helps you understand this by analyzing the customer's holistic financial picture and delivering the experience, products, and services they need exactly at the right time.

Predictive Product Recommendations

Save your customers from your competition.

Instantly save customers money through cross-selling, upselling, and reselling by presenting products they prequalify for based on relationships outside of your FI.

Identify, analyze, and suggest both internal products and product referral partners of Finotta. Win new business, win back lost business, and grow revenue with a more engaged user base all within your mobile and digital banking experiences. Increase product conversions and make your business more sticky with the most loyal customers you've ever had.

Internal & External Transfers

Increase your share-of-wallet, literally!

Provide a seamless money experience by making recommendations to bring money into your bank or help your customers send money to other institutions.

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