Episode #002 - 46 mins

David Nohe, Co-Founder & CEO, FinGoal- Helping Your Employees Be the Best Versions of Themselves

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“If you pick people with the right values and the right support and the right environment… take the long view and ask yourself how you can help them be the best version of themselves, at least professionally… even if that is not at your company.”   

- David Nohe


In this episode

The Founder Experience is a Modern FI series that showcases amazing founders worldwide. In each episode, Finotta’s Founder and CEO, Parker Graham, will converse with a fellow founder. They will discuss everything from their founding stories to the ups and downs of their careers and everything in between.


In this episode of The Founder Experience, Parker sits with David Nohe, live and in person, at Finovate Fall, a conference showcasing cutting-edge banking and financial technology through a unique blend of short-form demos and key insights from thought-leaders. This is the first of our Finovate series, and we will have plenty more Finovate episodes to come, so stay tuned for that. David Nohe and his wife, Carolyn, are the founders of Fingoal, and they founded this company with a singular goal: to serve the financial champions who are helping regular folks take back control of their financial life. FinGoal is an insights platform that sits on top of digital banking and personal finance data. They enrich this data and build rich profiles of each end user, enabling them to provide users with customized calls to action on their transactions. David and Parker talk about everything from being a founder and a father to the biggest surprises they have had during their founder experience. Without further ado, please enjoy this episode of The Founder Experience



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Parker and David talk about raising kids as a founder and what it's like for David to work with his spouse.

The origin story of FinGoal and how it relates to Parker's origin story.

David wanted to be a software engineer in 5th grade, getting paid to build some small business' websites. Saw that some people in software were not super happy with their careers, so he decided to go to law school. He eventually found his way back to tech.

How is Boulder, Colorado (David's home base) responding to the current economic status, and what is it like to run a business there right now?

What FinGoal does and how it works. The pace of technological innovation in finance and how FinGoal plays into this. David dives into FinGoal's business plan a little bit.

David & FinGoal went from simply "wanting to help people with their finances" to a reasonably complex company with high-level technology. What was the most challenging part of that journey? David puts much thought into keeping his word and not letting people down.

How do you build a company and culture where people can take breaks, spend time with family, and not feel the overwhelming stress of work? A large part of it is betting on the right people and having the desire to build up your employees.

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How David and FinGoal have been affected by the great resignation and the new working enviornment.

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What has been the most surprising thing David has experienced as a founder? Answer: how willing he is to be vulnerable with his team at this stage, and the emphasis that founders put on not letting down their employees' families.

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David asks Parker about the pros and cons of being a solo founder.


David says he is not as personally attached to this company as his first company. Parker asks if this gives him any freedom to operate differently.

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David and Parker talked about how many founders had left the journey since 2018, when it was a little sexier to be a founder.