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Parker Graham – Finotta – Fintech Meetup 2023


At Fintech Meetup 2023 in Las Vegas, the FF News team caught up with Parker Graham, the Founder & CEO of Finotta. Finotta embeds their products and features into its client’s digital banking channel to create personalized experiences for end-users.

“There’s a new niche we’re creating within banking. We’ve kind of coined the term personalized financial guidance, which is really taking the guesswork out of what to do with your money, and giving banks the opportunity to actually help their customers completely digitally for the first time.”

“Right now, when you work with the bank, typically with a banker or a teller. You have some kind of relationship there, but you very rarely have a relationship digitally with that bank. You usually use their apps to check your account balances and maybe transfer money, but that’s really where the relationship stops. Our company is solely focused on figuring out how to create more engaging experiences in that digital channel.”

Watch the full interview here

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