Financial Wellness for All

By combining the importance of financial wellness with the fun of gamification, your customers will have a fun, interactive, and engaging way to improve their financial health every time they get paid


Finotta's Financial Wellness - meeting your customers where they are and helping them along their way

Our Financial Wellness technology incentivizes and entices your customers  to spend more time in your mobile banking application through the gamification of our Financial Health Score. This opens the opportunity for you to offer extremely relevant products and insights to help them improve their standing at exactly the right time

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Engaging every customer

Be there for them in the moments that matter most

Every customer's financial health is different, and your mobile banking application needs to be able to service them wherever they are at. With our gamified Financial Wellness technology, your customers will be able to receive actionable insights to improve their finances every single day, regardless of what financial journey they may be on.

Our Financial Wellness Features

Financial Health Score

Help your customers gain an understanding of their financial health and automatically instruct them on how to improve it through an engaging and gamified scoring system

Customized Nudges

Use our Action Nudge system to push personalized and customized actions to your customers in their mobile environment at precisely the right time

Digitzed Relationship Building

Instantly be able to service any need, solution, or service that your customers need in your mobile banking application without making them come into a branch or call the customer care center


Gamification is a gamechanger when it comes to enticing customers to engage in your mobile application. With one integration, your customers will have more reasons to share data with you, creating opportunities to serve them in ways you previously could not

Customized Engagement

Every interaction with your customers is completely customized to their unique financial health. You can also add additional customized engagement pieces for a targeted group of customers tailored to your marketing team's current initiatives 

Better financial wellness for every single customer

Deliver the best gamified financial wellness tools to your entire customer base instantly with one integration