Own the Customer Journey

Our Personalization APIs delight your customers and increases share of wallet by providing a completely automated and personalized mobile banking experience


Finotta's Personalization APIs - built for every customer's financial journey

Our Personalization APIs customize the user experience of your mobile banking channel by changing the environment to focus on the financial journey that matters most to your customer.


Holistic Customer Experience

Meet Needs, Drive Actions, Grow Engagement

Your customers are used to having things tailored to them in every aspect of their life. Why would their banking be any different? By utilizing our Personalization APIs, you will understand each customer's unique financial journey and be able to deliver exactly the right service or product in the moments that matter most. The result is an experience that delights your customers and moves you into the driver seat as the trusted FI in their life.

Our Personalization APIs

Financial Health API

Help your customers gain an understanding of their financial health and automatically instruct them on how to improve it through an engaging and gamified scoring system

Recommendations API

Use our Action Nudge system to push personalized and customized actions to your customers in their mobile environment at precisely the right time

Found Money API

Instantly save customers money through cross-selling, upselling, and reselling by presenting products they prequalify for based on relationships outside of your FI

Auto Pilot API

Automation is the next phase in making financial decisions as easy as possible for your customers. Give your mobile banking channel the ability to take the stress of worrying about bills and payments off your customer's shoulders


Make your PFS process as simple as connecting accounts through your mobile channel. Give your FI a constant feed of commercial customer assets and remove the hassle of fillable PDFs and tracking down busy clients

Account Opening API

Immediately capture new account and drive revenue across your lines of business directly in your mobile banking channel

Why is Financial Journey Building so Important?

To access the most enriched customer data, you need to have a digital experience that brings immediate value, engages the customer beyond normal banking expectations, and speaks to their unique financial journey. Journey building helps you understand this by analyzing the customer's holistic financial picture and delivering the experience, products, and services they need exactly at the right time.

Increased Relationships & Revenue

Provide Engaging Experience

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Deliver Immediate Value


Analysis & Nudges

Delightful experiences lead to exponential growth

Grow your share of wallet and increase engagement by providing the most personalized digital banking experience your customers have ever seen