Finotta Foundations or: How we learned to start living by loving culture.

Updated: Feb 24

Finotta foundations or: How we learned to start living by loving culture - finotta

How often have you been told you work for a “mission-driven” company, only to find out that the mission is a lot less 'drive for the greater good' and a whole lot more ‘profits by any means necessary?

You know what I mean - the type of corporate servitude that eats at you day after day until you’re left wondering why you were ever excited about this gig in the first place. Your dread builds like a snowball rolling downhill, leading to dissatisfaction and anxiety as you pull up to your office park or push the power button on your laptop at home. Before you know it, depression and unhappiness kick in, and you start finding yourself scrolling through job postings on LinkedIn and Indeed.

We are the ones who can no longer accept this. We believe it doesn't have to be this way.

So what is it that makes a company one that people enjoy? What’s the true secret to keeping from this cycle of servitude?

The answer is culture. No, I’m not meaning a ping pong table in the lobby or kombucha on tap in the breakroom. Real, authentic, culture. The type that makes the long hours away from family during the day worth it. The type that makes you excited to get out of bed and go to work every day.

When our CEO Parker made the pivot (tech-speak for a change in vision) from Destiny to Finotta in 2020, it was for one thing - the culture. He recognized the business he was building needed to reestablish what was most important in his mind. No, it wasn’t survival at all costs or even revenue. It was people. He wanted to create a company that not only built incredible products but more importantly, built incredible people. At that moment, he wrote down five pillars he believed would be the catalyst to bringing his vision to life.

Fast forward one year, and Parker’s experiment has achieved undeniable results. These pillars not only shape our everyday lives at Finotta, but they help create an environment that is constantly freeing us to be the best version of ourselves. From the way we function as a cohesive team, to the way we deliver products to our customers - we thrive on these values.

Quote - We believe it makes us better humans. We all deserve love, transparency, accountability, fun, and hope.  - Natalee Wilhite, Marketing and Product Coordniator

Our first pillar embraces the idea that everyone must lead with love.

We believe that to succeed in any facet of life you must first love yourself, love your teammates, love the company mission, and finally love our customers, exactly in that order. If we cannot love ourselves, how can we ever hope to love anyone else in that chain? You simply cannot. Though we all have different backgrounds, lifestyles, and goals in life, we must be there for each other with open arms and love. As a group, we have a passion and drive to see each other succeed. After all, isn’t that what teams are all about?

Radical transparency, our second pillar, is one of the largest cores of our belief system.

When you build technology, especially financial technology, there are so many things you can hide behind. Disclaimers, deadlines, you name it - we do not do that at Finotta. We firmly believe that if there are no secrets, there will never be any surprises. That means our teammates and customers can trust our word. When we say something we mean it. It also means that everyone has a voice. No matter the topic, no matter the scope, no matter your position, we believe that you should speak your mind.

Our third pillar encourages unapologetic accountability.

Here at Finotta, we live out the phrase “row the boat.” Think back to a time when you’ve been in a rowboat. It’s pretty easy to row in a straight line when it's one person, isn’t it? As you add more people with different ideas, that boat can quickly become hard to keep on course. That’s why at Finotta you’re expected to get in the boat with us and row in our direction. If you get off course, we let you know and help get you back on track. It also helps with understanding how hard we work at Finotta. Excellence inspires others and drives us all forward. If you see your teammate working hard to keep that boat going forward, it naturally brings out something in our hearts as humans to work as hard as they are. No company better exemplifies this pillar than we do.

Our fourth pillar is eternal hope.

We build technology that changes financial lives forever, not just for the moment. Most people around the world are struggling financially and feel as if they don’t have any power over their wealth. We believe that the work we do today will create a better world tomorrow and give hope to those who think they are never going to be in a better place financially.

As our last pillar, we believe having good times and good vibes are key to the best work environment.

Changing the world is tough, so our final pillar embodies laughing hard, loud, and often. Part of supporting each other as a team is celebrating as a team. I mean, we don’t hang “Live, Laugh, Love” signs all over the office, but you get it.

We get asked often, “Is this culture real?”

Quote - It is so real, it is unreal, we embody these pillars, its not just the company's, we live out these pillars as individuals. - Quincey, Head of Customer Success

Each of these pillars means something different for everyone. They were crafted in a way that is versatile, flexible, and evergreen to allow for every person to make them their own. Without getting stuck in old ways, we have developed something groundbreaking, something that is moving the world forward in an innovative and unique way.

Quote - Anyone can build a product, not everyone can build a company. - Brenden Smith, Chief Technology officer

For far too long, many of us have been stuck in jobs with environments that are not healthy, have a terrible work/life balance, and bring out the worst in us. Finotta is here to make sure that doesn’t have to be. We are here to prove you really can have your cake and eat it too. Don’t mind us if we take others with us to get seconds.

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