Smart Mobile Banking

Gain a true 360° view of your customer and your competitors so you can learn valuable insights on your competition, send predictive insights to your customers, and win more business


Finotta's Smart Mobile Banking - make more automated and intelligent decisions to win more business with your customers

Our Analytics Dashboard is a one-of-a-kind banker experience that houses all of our Smart Mobile Banking technology. It aggregates, enriches, and delivers actionable steps on exactly what you need to do with which customers to drive growth in all categories across business lines

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True 360° Customer View

Analyze Competition & Win More Revenue

How can you grow share of wallet or engagement with customers when you have no idea who your competition is for their assets? How do you know what product to suggest when you have no idea what products they already have? Our Analytics Dashboard erases this guesswork and empowers multiple lines of business at the FI by sharing exactly where the you rank in both product and asset categories versus your competition with every single customer. No more mass ad campaigns, no more guesswork. Just actionable analytics to grow your revenue and make your FI as sticky as possible.

Our Smart Mobile Banking Benefits

Competitor Analytics

Know exactly who your heaviest competitors are in each individual asset and product category so you can equip yourself and win more revenue across business lines

Share of Wallet Insights

Understand exactly who owns your customers share of wallet for all assets and product categories and gain insights on how to improve your standing with growth trends and analysis

Predictive Product Opportunities

Increase conversions, sales, revenue, and share of wallet automatically by pairing the right product with the right customer at the right time and distributing recommended actions to both bankers and customers

Assets & Products Breakdown

Understand what and why customers choose your products and services versus your competitors

Customer Monitoring & Alert System

Track financial health, risk, and service opportunities so you can be the first FI to reach out a helping hand to customers in the moments that matter most

Commercial & Retail Banking Capabilities

Aggregate assets and data based on business or retail banking opportunities and gain insights on how to grow the FI across all lines of business

Insights to drive immediate growth and ROI

Grow conversions and increase retention by providing the most in depth share of wallet growth experience in the market.