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Destiny launches full-brand pivot to ‘Finotta’, expanding from debt solution to banking API platform


Established financial institutions are at a crossroads when it comes to competing against online platforms with banking options, said Parker Graham.

“Facebook, Google and others have banking capabilities that are so fine-tuned to customer service and customer interaction,” said Graham, founder and CEO of Kansas City fintech startup Finotta, formerly known as Destiny Wealth. “Banks and credit units really need to have the same abilities to be able to compete in this new world of banking.” 


Finotta is an API-based solution that helps financial institutions create personalized user experiences in their current mobile banking applications, without having to move core providers.

“If you look at credit unions or banks specifically, most of their technology that a customer uses is the same across every single channel,” Graham stated. “You can really only do four things in a banking application right now.”

By implementing personalization in mobile banking applications, customers will have a curated experience depending on whether they are new to banking, trying to get out of debt, build wealth, etc., he continued. 

“A big part of our mission is to provide that competitive edge to those financial institutions.”

Finotta — previously Destiny — rebranded at the end of 2020 to let its clients know the brand handles much more than debt, Graham explained. (Destiny was one of Startland News’ Kansas City Startups to Watch in 2020.)

“Every time we tried to reach out to somebody and tell them about our fuller platform, it was always, ‘Oh yeah, you focus on debt,’” Graham recalled. “We would spend 15 minutes just explaining what we actually do now, so it was decided to make a full-brand pivot.” 

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