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‘How a startup becomes a superstar’: Finotta launches real-time podcast as KU freshman gets inside the mind of its founder


Most business podcasts tell the stories of those who have reached massive success, Garrett Amundsen said, but Finotta’s premier podcast is set to flip the switch — sharing the fintech startup’s journey as it unfolds.

“When people listen to our podcast, they’re going to be able to track the success and growth of the company in real time. This is going to be a live look at the creation and growth of a startup,” said Amundsen, the producer and host of Finotta’s “Once Upon a Startup: A Podcast Telling the Story of a Startup through the Eyes of Those Creating it.”

The first episode of “Once Upon a Startup” is set to be released April 11 with new episodes coming out each Monday for the following six weeks. 

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