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We are obsessed with helping financial institutions evolve and reach every single customer they can

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Our Mission:

Obsessively Evolve

Financial Institutions are at a crossroads. There is competition at every turn from digitally enabled players, high saturation of products to choose from, and customers are constantly escalating their expectations for what they expect from their FI.

Our goal is to obsess over that customer evolution so we can empower our FIs to help their customers better and faster than anyone else.


Reaching Every Single Customer

Most of the time, FIs have to choose technologies that serve the few. The rationale is that only a few customers or business lines are profitable at any given institution, and the rest will be loss leaders. We refuse to accept this status quo.


It is our belief that technology can shift this paradigm. By helping our FIs and creating profitability in ways no one has ever seen, we can lead financial transformation for everyone on a global scale.


To reach customers no one is reaching, we have to do things no one is doing. This is our driving force to push the capabilities of FIs forward and inspire the next wave of financial services.

Serving our customers by serving their customers

Our Values:


Lead with Love

Love for yourself, love for your teammates, love for our customers, love for the mission


Radical Transparency

Speak your mind. If there are no secrets, there will never be any surprises

Unapologetic Accountability

Row the boat. Excellence inspires others and drives us all forward


Good Times & Good Vibes

Changing the world is tough. We will do so by laughing hard, loud, and often

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