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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Finotta or our product? Check out our FAQ page below. Can't find an answer? Contact us at

  • We already have a PFM. How is this different?
    Simply put, PFMs don’t work and do not create revenue. They have low adoption and are an old and outdated way for people to analyze their finances. On the other hand, our platform is more of a customer experience platform that operates more like the apps in the app stores that your customers are used to. Its sole focus is to be extremely engaging, which is the key to driving the actual top-line revenue and bottom-line increases in customer profitability we are seeing with our current customers.
  • What does your platform do?
    Our white-label platform allows your digital banking channel to increase deposits, generate revenue, and increase customer profitability, all within one embedded solution in your current banking application.
  • How does your platform accomplish this?
    We accomplish this by having a gamified user experience that entices your customers to spend more time in your app and share more information about their whole financial picture. While they are doing this, our technology automatically starts recommending actions they need to be taking with their finances- like opening a new savings account, for instance. This, more often than not, results in cross-sells and upsells of relationships they have with you or convinces them to move from competitors.
  • What is the user/customer experience like?
    Users see our white-labeled platform as a button on the home screen of your application. Once they click our button, our home screen comes up in the application, and they are immediately greeted with recommendations to do different things with their money based on the transactional data in their current accounts at your institution. From there, they are able to follow recommendations, earn points/badges/levels, see their financial vitals in a fun and interactive way, and progress through their financial journey as efficiently as possible until they reach their next one.
  • How do the recommendations work?
    Our recommendations suggest different actions your customers need to take based on a combination of their financial journey, their current financial health, and the transactional data of the accounts they have with you. They can be actions from “send $40 to your Chase account” to “open a new savings account” and everything in between. It is all personalized to the user who is experiencing the platform and what they are going through at that exact moment.
  • Do the accounts that are opened live with Finotta or the FI?
    The accounts that are opened live with the FI.
  • Can our customers see all their accounts in one place?
    Yes! Immediately capture your customer's internal and external accounts so they have the most personalized mobile banking experience possible. Customers click the "add account" option to populate their accounts in their Financial Coach quickly.
  • Are you white-labeled?
  • How does the gamification work?
    Users earn points, badges, and unlock levels as they follow their recommendations and get their financial vitals in a good place.
  • Are there prizes for the points?
    No, our platform point system isn’t built for point spending but rather point accumulation towards the next financial level the user is trying to attain.
  • How does your platform work with my current digital banking provider?
    We embed our platform directly at your current digital banking provider and work primarily in the mobile environment. Your current mobile banking channel is an intermediary between our platform and your core provider, accesses account data and transaction data, and can even open accounts at the core through APIs.
  • Do the accounts that are opened get opened at my core?
    Yes, all of the accounts we open on our part of your digital banking platform are opened at the core.
  • How does your pricing work?
    Our price is based on asset size and active digital users.
  • Can you work with my digital banking provider?
    Yes! We have the ability to embed our platform within any digital banking provider’s application. Some are easier than others, but regardless of who you work with, we can help!
  • How do we know Finotta can keep our customer data safe?
    Finotta is currently SOC 2 Type I Certified and is in the process of becoming SOC 2 Type II Certified. Service Organization Control (SOC) is an objective, third-party technical audit and certification of the data security standards of technology-based organizations that store customer data in the cloud. It measures the effectiveness and security of the company's data management practices and is the premier compliance standard in the industry.
  • How long has Finotta been operating?
    We’ve been operating since 2018.
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