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Making Banking Radically Different

Finotta's name is inspired by the Italian word finito which means "finished."


We believe we are here to finish building the banking technology that other companies have left behind.

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Our Story

Our CEO and founder, Parker Graham, transitioned from a football career at Oklahoma State and the NFL's Baltimore Ravens to finance. He launched Destiny Wealth, a fintech Robo-advisor, to make financial services accessible to those in debt. Evolving into Finotta, the company now focuses on improving mobile banking interfaces through personalized technology, bridging the gap between financial institutions and tech-savvy customers. Motivated by Parker's roots in a small Missouri town, Finotta's mission is to empower over a million lives with tailored financial advice, particularly in underserved communities.


Our Vision: 

A financially inclusive and equitable world.

Our Mission: 

Financially empower one million lives.

Our Values:

Unapologetic Accountability

Row the boat. Excellence inspires others and drives us all forward.

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Radical Transparency

Speak your mind. If there are no secrets, there will never be any surprises.

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Eternal Hope

We believe the work we do today will create a better world for tomorrow.

Good Times &
Good Vibes

Changing the world is tough. We will do so by laughing hard, loud, and often.

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Lead with Love

Love for yourself, love for your teammates, love for the mission, love for our customers.

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