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Making Banking Radically Different

Finotta's name is inspired by the Italian word finito which means "finished."


We believe we are here to finish building the banking technology that other companies have left behind.

Our Vision: 

Shape the future of digital banking.

Our Mission:

To deepen every relationship with a banking customer by making each digital interaction truly personal.

Our Calling:

We are committed to integrating personalization into every aspect of our business and technology. This means walking alongside our partners and their customers through each step of their journey, strengthening trust and loyalty at every turn. By delivering innovative solutions, our goal is to unlock new revenue opportunities for our partners while empowering their customers to have the best banking experience possible.

Our Values:

Unapologetic Accountability

Row the boat. Excellence inspires others and drives us all forward.

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Radical Transparency

Speak your mind. If there are no secrets, there will never be any surprises.

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Eternal Hope

We believe the work we do today will create a better world for tomorrow.

Good Times &
Good Vibes

Changing the world is tough. We will do so by laughing hard, loud, and often.

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Lead with Love

Love for yourself, love for your teammates, love for the mission, love for our customers.

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