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Episode #002 - 20 mins

Finclusive: Patty Brewer, CPO, Linqto- Developing Products for a Better Financial Future

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“That is what I got really excited about, just being able to really figure out how we take our hypothesis, figure out how to test it, and get something in the market fastest. We used to think we had to go and build it, launch it, and then get these learnings. But we found all these clever ways to short-circuit that and get these learnings faster.”

- Patty Brewer


In this episode

Finclusive is hosted by Finotta’s Chief Product Officer, Kelsey Houghton. Each episode, Kelsey will interview a fellow female or LGBTQ leader in fintech, and they will discuss everything from the future of fintech to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This series will highlight the best and brightest voices from the communities that often go unheard. 


In this episode of Finclusive, Kelsey sits down with Patty Brewer at Finovate Fall, a conference that showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technology. Patty Brewer is the CPO of Linqto, a fintech company that makes private investing similar. Linqto helps you identify, evaluate and invest in the world's leading Unicorns. Patty was the Senior Product manager at Intuit, VP of product at Nav Inc., and CPO of Petzy Technology before joining Linqto. This is an amazing conversation between two experts in product development.




Patty provides introduction, and explains the new product that Linqto is demoing at Finovate. Their platform allows retail investors to invest in private equity companies much easier, and they focus primarily on "unicorn companies."


Patty talks about her experience at Intuit, and the experience she had with lean development methodology. She dives into some details of lean methodology, and explains its importance and impact in business.


What made Patty switch from marketing to product? She helped launched the first financial management tool for Intuit (called Finance Works, eventually the project ended when Intuit bought Mint). Kelsey & Patty jam out on this product and how it relates to Finotta's mission.


What was the secret to creating such a well liked product such as Mint?


Patty explains the strategy behind Linqto's acquisition of Trustline and what role blockchain will play in the future of financial services.


What advice does Patty have for other women in fintech who are leaders or who are trying to become leaders? Answer: confidence


What changes has Patty seen in the financial industries in regards to diversity and inclusion?


Is there anything that Patty has seen at Finovate that excites her in regards to the future of fintech? Answer: Digital assets, blockchain, and crypyo. Outro.

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