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Episode #001 - 36 mins

Finclusive: Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Money 20/20- How Embedded Finance is Changing Banking

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“The confidence thing does not come to all of us… If you don’t have [confidence], what advice would you give your best girlfriend, mom, or sister? What would you say to them to make them as confident as possible? [Then] pretend like you are advocating for that person you admire instead of yourself.”

- Scarlett Sieber


In this episode

Welcome to the first episode of Finclusive, a Modern FI series presented by Finotta. Finclusive is hosted by Finotta’s Chief Product Officer, Kelsey Houghton. In each episode, Kelsey will interview a fellow female or LGBTQ leader in fintech, and they will discuss everything from the future of fintech to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This series will highlight the best and brightest voices from the communities that often go unheard.


In the first episode of Finclusive, we have Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Money 20/20, one of the largest fintech conferences in the world. Scarlett has had an incredible career as an international speaker, innovator, and influencer. She has been a fintech contributor for Forbes, the Huffington Post, and the Financial Brand. She has received the Rising Star Award by Women in Payments, has been named one of the top 10 fintech influencers in the United States by Medici, the top 50 most influential people in fintech by Richtopia, and the top 20 women in finance by Rise Global. She is also the author of Embedded Finance: When Payments become an Experience. Please enjoy the first episode of Finclusive.


Kelsey Houghton’s LinkedIn.

Scarlett Sieber’s LinkedIn.

Learn more about Finotta.


0:00- 4:00

The story behind Scarlett's book, Embedded Finance; When Payments become an Experience.

4:00- 5:00


What is embedded finance?

The power of data and how it can create real positive change in individuals' lives.

6:30- 10:30

Dissecting Scarlett's quote: "Banks make money when customers make mistakes." How can technology make the relationship between banks and customers more mutually beneficial?


What are banks doing today to make their business model less predatory?

13:00- 15:26

What are some challenges with the digital transformation that banks are commonly experiencing right now?


How does Scarlett see the future of digital-banking infrastructure developing in terms of scalability and operability?


Scarlett advises small community banks that want to compete in the digital space.

19:35- 25:20

The importance of diversity and inclusion in fintech and banking. How Scarlett and Money/2020 are working to improve this.


The challenges that come with improving diversity and inclusion within fintech.



Scarlett's final lessons for women in fintech.

Overcoming imposter syndrome.

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