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Episode #001 - 44 mins

Startup School: How to Lead a Customer Success Team with Quincy Kennedy

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"I am helping them, through habit-stacking, be a better company, provide better opportunities for their users. Because of my thought process, my mindset of continually doing things to better myself and to better the company… Now it's not just a successful quarter or a successful project… these things that just end, right? Now they are a successful customer.” 

- Quincy Kennedy


In this episode

Each episode of Startup School will highlight one of the many talented leaders of Finotta, and they will show you how to lead a team or organization of your own. They will break down the strategies, lessons, and thought processes behind what they do so that you can get a better understanding of how the fintech world is operating. In the first episode of Startup School, we are going to talk about Customer Success with Finotta’s Head of Customer Success, Quincy Kennedy.


This episode discusses the rise of customer success within businesses, why it is important, how it differs from customer support, how to create playbooks and strategies for your customer success team, the importance of goal setting and habit stacking, and much more. 


Learn more about Customer Success by reading Hubspot's article.

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Quincy Introducing himself, and his role at Finotta

02:11:13- 02:52:19

The importance of ease and efficiency in customer success

02:52:19- 04:58:06

The importance of investing in your existing customers VS investing in obtaining new ones


Customer Success VS Customer Support, Customer Success is a relatively new thing. There is not a lot of information out there. Came out of SaaS company's, and studies looking at churn rate


What Metrics Finotta uses to track "customer success"

10:47:00- 12:45:18

Quincy defining playbooks and the role they play in business and customer success

12:45:18- 16:51:00

Quincy talking about Finotta's specific playbook

16:51:00- 20:13:06

The importance of establishing the end goal at the beginning of the customer success journey


Habit stacking VS goal oriented mindset

22:20:16- 24:08:24

Implementing habit stacking into customer success

24:08:24 - 33:06:19

Best practices for communicating with customers are the importance of telling them a story and bringing them value, not just "checking in" and wasting time. How to create communication flows internally and externally

33:06:19- 35:04:12

The attributes of a quality CSM

35:04:12- 38:49:00

Quincy's first three lessons as a leader, communication, decision making, and personal growth


Final words of advice on How to Lead a Customer Success team

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