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Episode #003 - 39 mins

Startup School: How to Lead a Marketing Team with Destinee Day

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“Learning (no matter what topic it is) grows you in some capacity and can be applied towards anything you do.”

- Destinee Day


In this episode

Each episode of Startup school will highlight one of the many talented leaders of Finotta, and they will show you how to lead a team or organization of your own. They will break down the strategies, lessons, and thought processes behind what they do so that you can get a better understanding of how the fintech world is operating.


In this Startup School episode, we will talk about marketing with Finotta’s Head of Marketing, Destinee Day. This episode is broken down into three parts: how to get started in marketing, how to become a leader of a small team or even just a team of one. And finally, we will talk about how to scale and grow your marketing team. This is a jam-packed episode with lots of valuable information, so if you are a marketing leader looking to gain some quality insights, grab a pen and paper.



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Destinee provides background.


What chapters or topics would Destinee emphasize if she was a marketing professor at a univeristy?


What are the soft and hard skills that someone should have to succeed in marketing early on in their career? Answer: empathy and constantly learning.

07:38- 10:53

How to rise the ranks in marketing.

10:53- 15:35

What is it like when you first become the Head of Marketing and are a team of one? How do you manage your time?

15:35- 20:33

How do you avoid burnout?

20:33- 22:36

How do you create a marketing strategy/playbook? Foundation work, awareness, lead generation.

22:36- 26:18

What to look for when hiring and scaling your marketing team. How to know when to hire more people are when to do it yourself?

26:18- 29:12

The changing roles that come with leadership do more of the seemingly "boring" tasks.

29:12- 30:53

Destinee's top 3 lessons for leadership.

30:53- 34:14

What is the best attribute for a marketing leader to have in regards to leading by example? Answer: flexibility.

34:14- 35:51

Is there anything that Destinee is particularly excited or nervous about as the Finotta marketing team grows?

35:51- END

Destinee's final words of wisdom on how to lead a marketing team.

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