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Episode #002 - 37 mins

Startup School: How to Lead a Sales Team with Cory Miller

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“There are 24 hours in a day, everybody has to sleep, everybody has to eat. But all of that other time, the more efficient you are with it, the better off you are in the long run.” - Cory Miller, Head of Sales


In this episode

Each episode of Startup school will highlight one of the many talented leaders of Finotta, and they will show you how to lead a team or organization of your own. They will break down the strategies, lessons, and thought processes behind what they do so that you can get a better understanding of how the fintech world is operating.

In this Startup School episode, we will talk about sales with Finotta’s Head of Sales, Cory Miller. We are going to break this episode into three parts. The first part will be about getting started in sales and how to find success from the get-go. Then, we will discuss how to become a leader of a small sales team and set yourself apart from your peers. Finally, we will close with how to hire employees, lead a full-sized team, and scale. Please enjoy this episode of Startup School.





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Cory provides an introduction.


The soft skills and hard skills you need to succeed in sales from the start: Time management, organization, and adaptability. The most important is a person's adversity quotient.


The importance of efficiency in business and life.


The importance of understanding your customer before even reaching out. The importance of understanding what problems/pain points your customers have, and effectively communicate how you can help.


Cold calls, Cory's best cold call story, and top 2 lessons about cold calling: authentic excitement, avoiding fatigue. How to get yourself out of a corner.

17:37:10- 21:03:17

PART TWO- How to rise the ranks in sales and set yourself apart, the balance between hard work and skill when it comes to rising the ranks.


The first steps to take when you become Head of Sales at a startup.

22:16:15- 24:55:09

The role that playbooks have in sales and the key components of a playbook.


Setting goals and OKRs, the importance of goal-setting in business and life. Activity vs result-based goals.


PART THREE- What attributes should you look for when hiring people to join your sales team? People who can work with freedom and responsibility, and that fit within our core values.


Best practices for teaching your team members to be better at sales, leading from the front.


The best attribute for a sales leader to have in regards to leading by example.


Final words of wisdom on leading a sales team.

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