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Episode #002 - 60 mins

The Fintech Cookout: Derrius Quarles & Ras Asan, Co-Founders, BREAUX Capital- Bringing Capital to the Black Community

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“When you facilitate the financial health of someone, you are setting them up to make all types of investments in life that can move them forward and make them healthier physically, mentally, and then that translates into making investments in their family.”

- Derrius Quarles


"It is an honor to continue to work for a better tomorrow because as a Black American, we do recognize that America has some advantages that other places in the world don’t necessarily present to us.”

- Ras Asan

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In this episode

Each episode of The Fintech Cookout will feature a conversation between Finotta’s Head of Customer Success, Quincy Kennedy, and a fellow fintech leader in the BIPOC community. You will learn about the technology that is creating a more equitable financial industry, how financial institutions are responding to this technology, and the incredible individuals behind it all.


On Today’s episode, we have the founders of BREAUX Capital, Ras Asan and Derrius Quarles. BREAUX Capital is a financial technology company that is helping Black Men pool their funds in community with one another to invest collectively and create intergenerational wealth. Born and bred on Chicago’s Southside, Derrius Quarles is a 13-year foster care survivor who has triumphed through childhood poverty, abuse, and public housing to become an award-winning and internationally praised technologist, activist, author, and recording artist. Ras Asan has always been an entrepreneur with a social conscience. He co-founded Million Dollar Scholar, TechGroove Fest, and BREAUX Capital - all aimed at  impacting the lives of historically underserved people. Ras was named Inc. 30 Under 30 for his work with BREAUX Capital, and has received other coveted awards for his work to improve humanity. As a certified herbalist and exercise scientist, Ras authored  Heal Thy Hustle: Wellness Guide For Go-Getters, teaching entrepreneurs how to maintain their health even with their fast-paced lifestyle. Ras Asan’s work has been featured on CNN, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Inc. magazine, American Banker, Fast Company, Forbes, and Black Enterprise.


Learn more about BREAUX Capital on their website

Read the Forbes 30 Under 30 article.

Follow Ras Asan on LinkedIn.
Order his book Heal Thy Hustle.

Follow Derrius Quarles on LinkedIn.
Watch his TED Talk.
Listen to Derrius on a podcast.

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Ras Asan providing background, and explaining the importance of upbringing in regards to entrepreneruialism. Derrius Quarles discussing his upbringing, and the sense of urgency that he felt to succeed. There was no net to fall back on.


How much of your success is because of circumstance/upbringing and how much is because you are an outlier of your community, and you have your own drive and ambition?


Being part of the underbanked community, Ras and Derrius explain experiences they had early on in life that made them realize there needs to be some change in financial institutions.

24:53- 39:52

The origin story of BREUX capital, the struggle of finding venture capital as a young, black, first-time entrepreneur.


How George Floyd impacted funding for black founders, the difficulty of obtaining funding as a black founder, and how BREAUX Capital plans to help solve this issue.

46:24- END

What is it about BIPOC founders that make them want to build solutions specifically for the BIPOC community? What do Derrius and Ras see in fintech that excites them?

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