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Episode #001 - 54 mins

The Founder Experience: George Youmans
Co-Founder & CRO
at Hiyo

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"You have to reframe the way you look at solving problems. Because ultimately the bigger the problem you are solving, the greater the value that you are providing. And we as humans ultimately want to provide value… and usually that is done by solving problems." - George Youmans


In this episode

The Founder Experience is a Modern FI series that showcases amazing founders from around the world. In each episode, Finotta’s Founder and CEO, Parker Graham, will converse with a fellow founder. They will discuss everything from their founding stories, to the ups and downs of their careers, and everything in between.


On the first episode of The Founder Experience, Parker talked with George Youmans, Co-Founder & CEO of Hiyo, a stress-relieving social tonic mindfully crafted with natural adaptogens, nootropics, and functional botanicals to be a better-than-alcohol alternative. Parker met George at the start of his entrepreneurial career. He was going around the country looking for potential cities to start his business in, and when he was in California he happened to message George, who was working at SnackNation at the time. Since then, they have both launched their own businesses and found incredible success. This episode contains conversations about the pressures of hiring employees, the isolation that founders go through, finding fulfillment as a founder, and much more.


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The Hiyo Origin Story

Trends of the Industry, people are getting more health conscious

The Ingredients of Hiyo

Going from working at SnackNation to being a founder. The most surprising part of becoming a founder. Imposter Syndrome. Working harder as a founder is easier because it is all up to you.

Parker talks about SNAP IPO and thinks he can be a founder too, and then quickly realizes he has to do everything himself and learn multiple skills. He is doing things that aren't sexy.


George on how founders have to focus on a problem, and then as you become a founder, you solve more and more problems. The greater the problem you solve, the greater the value to your company.


George talks about the stress of hiring people as a founder, promising them success and fulfillment. Parker talks about the pressure on employees' families. The power of perspective.


What George did to get powerful employees started with having a great company/brand. Do they think they can do it, and will they be fulfilled?

25:34:15- 28:17:02

George feels he has to live up to a standard since he is in the health/wellness space, having to change his identity by not drinking.

28:17:02- 31:24:18

Feeling Isolation as a founder, getting rid of the BS, finding balance.

31:24:18- 36:09:20

The next stage for Hiyo is finding the balance of scaling and prepping for funding. Parker on trying to understand why companies get funding when they do.

36:09:20- 38:51:29

The Series a/b/acquisition cycle in beverage indsutry. The beverage is a volume game.

38:51:29- 45:19:22

Hiyo's secret sauce to selling the product they were all online, the idea of the flow, and Hiyo's CA cost. The importance of having a good product to keep them coming back

45:19:22- 48:33:09

What has surprised George? They are doing better than he thought—right place, time, and preparation.

48:33:09- 51:03:06

George's ultimate goal changing the way the world drinks.

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