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Episode #004 - 27 mins

Finclusive: Ariam Sium, VP of Product, FinGoal- How to Build Products for Your End User

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“It is just a totally different mindset, a totally different environment. The way you interact with people is completely different, and I really missed that…Everyone has a fire within them, and they are just really eager to apply that fire to whatever it is they are working on.”

- Ariam Sium


In this episode

Finclusive is hosted by Finotta’s Chief Product Officer, Kelsey Houghton. Each episode, Kelsey will interview a fellow female or LGBTQ leader in fintech, and they will discuss everything from the future of fintech to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This series will highlight the best and brightest voices from the communities that often go unheard. 


On this episode of Finclusive, Kelsey sits down with Ariam Sium at Finovate Fall, a conference that showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technology. Ariam is currently the VP of Product for FinGoal, who we have featured on this podcast network before. Before joining FinGoal, Ariam had been the Co-Founder of Axium Group, CEO of Sium Solutions, and Co-Founder of Click-A-Shift. So needless to say, she has an incredible entrepreneurial drive. Today, Ariam oversees product development for FinGoal, which is an insights platform that sits on top of digital banking and personal finance data. FinGoal enriches transaction data to build customized profiles of each end user and provides them with tailored calls to action on their transactions. This is a great conversation between two incredible product minds.




Ariam explains that part of being a fintech is the ability to innovate and move quickly.


Ariam states the importance of always keeping the end user in mind when designing your product.


Ariam discusses the differences between working a corporate job vs. a startup and why she prefers the later.

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