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Episode #003 - 38 mins

Finclusive: Laura Kornhauser, Co-Founder & CEO, Stratyfy- How Technology Can Reduce Bias

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“My parents started a company right around the time I was born. So, growing up, that company was really an extension of my family. I had a front row seat to the ups and downs of being a small business owner. That experience is what gave me the confidence that I needed to make such a huge change.”

- Laura Kornhauser


In this episode

Finclusive is hosted by Finotta’s Chief Product Officer, Kelsey Houghton. Each episode, Kelsey will interview a fellow female or LGBTQ leader in fintech, and they will discuss everything from the future of fintech to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This series will highlight the best and brightest voices from the communities that often go unheard.


On this episode of Finclusive, Kelsey sits down with Laura Kornhauser at Finovate Fall, a conference that showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technology. Laura is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stratyfy, a fintech company that is on a mission to accelerate financial inclusion by providing greater transparency and less bias to critical financial decisions that impact millions of people. Stratyfy's patented machine learning platform enables financial institutions to instantly assess credit risk, fraud, and bias, allowing traditional banking services to safely open doors for underbanked consumers and drive impact at scale. Laura and Stratyfy won Best in Show at Finovate Fall, so congratulations to Laura and the rest of the Stratyfy team.




Laura discusses how technology can improve the shortcomings of credit scores.


Laura speaks about how serving the underbanked is beneficial for revenue and customer loyalty.


Laura talks about her entrepreneurial family and leaving JP Morgan to get her MBA before starting a business.

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