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Episode #005 - 40 mins

The Fintech Cookout: Joseph Akintolayo, Founder & CEO, Deposits- How to Build a Bank in 7 Minutes

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“Without common ground, there's no trust. Without trust, business doesn't happen.”

- Joseph Akintolayo


In this episode

Each episode of The Fintech Cookout will feature a conversation between Finotta’s Head of Customer Success, Quincy Kennedy, and a fellow fintech leader in the BIPOC community. You will learn about the technology that is creating a more equitable financial industry, how financial institutions are responding to this technology, and the incredible individuals behind it all. 


On this episode, Quincy sits down with Joseph Akintolayo, live and in person, at Finovate Fall, a conference that showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technology. Joseph is the Founder of Philanthrolab, the founder and executive chairman of Renaissance Innovation Labs, and the Founder and CEO of Deposits, a cloud based fintech platform that offers banks and brands an easy to use, turnkey solution for engagement, modernization, and best-in-class financial experiences such as payments, mobile apps, and lending — whether you can program or not. Basically, Deposits makes creating a digital bank as easy as creating a website on Wix.



Joseph speaks about the origin of Deposits and how during the pandemic, no one was walking anywhere.


Joseph notes that there is valid technology all over the world, but if the 'why' isn't there, it doesn't always work.


Joseph talks about Renaissance Innovation Labs in Africa and the needs that inspired its creation.

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