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Episode #004 - 52 mins

The Fintech Cookout: Rodney Williams, Co-Founder, SoLo Funds- How to Build Real Community Finance

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“In the life of SoLo, we have deployed over $7 million back to people…People have made over $7 million in tips. Not a company in Silicon Valley. That is true community finance; it is something completely different.”

- Rodney Williams


In this episode

Each episode of The Fintech Cookout will feature a conversation between Finotta’s Head of Customer Success, Quincy Kennedy, and a fellow fintech leader in the BIPOC community. You will learn about the technology that is creating a more equitable financial industry, how financial institutions are responding to this technology, and the incredible individuals behind it all. 

On today’s episode, Quincy sits down with Rodney Williams, Co-Founder & Chairman of SoLo Funds. SoLo Funds is a financial service provider enabling a marketplace where members can request and fund emergency needs. SoLo launched in 2018 with the goal of providing a lending alternative that was equitable, empowering, and community-driven. Since then, SoLo has processed millions of transactions and redefined financial services for its community members. Today, they are driven to new heights launching additional financial services, but grounded in the same hope and mission: to build a community that enables financial autonomy for all. 



Rodney explains the misconceptions about underbanked communities and how SoloFunds has the best understanding of this community's needs.


Rodney notes that SoloFunds has become the best in the world at what they do, and they have done it with less.


Rodney talks about what real community finance looks like.

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