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Episode #003 - 33 mins

The Fintech Cookout: Uday Akkaraju, Founder & CEO, BOND.AI- Increasing Empathy through Technology

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“You see in the economy right now, you and I can be sitting here and it's fine, but there are so many people suffering on the streets. The recession today… was the highest it has been…I think as fintechs we have a great capacity to bridge that gap.”

- Uday Akkaraju


In this episode

The Fintech Cookout features a conversation between Finotta’s Head of Customer Success, Quincy Kennedy, and a fellow fintech leader in the BIPOC community. You will learn about the technology that is creating a more equitable financial industry, how financial institutions are responding to this technology, and the incredible individuals behind it all. 


On this episode, Quincy sits down with Uday Akkaraju, live and in person, at Finovate Fall, a conference that showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technology. Uday is the founder and CEO of BOND.AI, a human centered AI platform for financial institutions. Powered by the world’s first Empathy Engine, BOND.AI provides various products and services including the BOND Network, a powerful embedded finance network that connects financial institutions and enterprises providing tools to help them grow, the Super Bot, an AI bot that gives straightforward answers and unique insights to enhance finances every time one speaks with it, and an onboarding product that allows you to onboard customers in seconds. Again, all of this is powered by their human-centered AI engine called the Empathy Engine.



Uday explains how technology can detect the intent and aptitude of a bank customer and why this is a better judgement of risk than traditional underwriting.


Uday talks about how fintechs can bridge the gap between predatory banking and justified banking.


Uday speaks on the need for banks to serve immigrants and underbanked communities.

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